An update on club improvements.

We've been working on a number of improvements to the club during our enforced closure over the winter period.

Further work has been carried out on the Caravan Park facilities with refurbishment to the female showers and the stand-alone shower block including a new sink being fitted for our visitors to wash-up in.

We've also planted over 400 sapling trees around the site in conjunction with the Woodland Trust. We hope they'll grow to form hedgerows in years to come that will add definition to the landscape and help separate sections of the site.

More work has been going on in the clubhouse itself. A full refurbishment of the toilets and cloak room, most notably an overhaul of the Ladies, in particular, has brought them up-to-date.

We've got a new display screen till behind the bar which has also been relocated allowing us to install 2 extra fridges and further increase our drinks offering.

Brand new double glazed windows have been installed by the fantastic BJM Windows. They did an excellent job replacing ours which were in a very sorry state whilst retaining their original style in-keeping with the building.

We're set to replace the existing fire door that opens up onto the decking with a more contemporary door that should allow easier access to the bar for drinks on the terrace.

We've sourced government funding to install flood defence measures around the clubhouse including flood gates on the doors, new air bricks and flood return valves. Work is set to begin on these in the next few weeks.

We're replacing the flooring and updating as well as replacing the furniture inside the clubhouse. There will be a mix of hard flooring and new carpet as well as tables, chairs and bar stools in a much more contemporary style.

We hope to have the clubhouse completed in a couple of months, in time for some indoor celebrations as restrictions begin to ease. We're also looking at improvements required at Low Springs with work required to improve the drainage at the back of the changing rooms, improve the toilets and the tea room.

A big thanks and recognition to Paul Hewitt and Gerald Wildsmith who've put in a lot of hours and hard work on these improvements and helped us achieve them within our budgets. Chris Holdsworth has put his electrical skills to good use and Matt Burnham has been working on our alarm system for us. Thanks also to Dave Young who is spearheading the clubhouse refurbishment.

We hope you'll enjoy the improvements over the summer and appreciate the hard work that goes on behind the scenes to make these projects come to life.

We're set to host 2 cup finals this season with the Birtwhistle Cup of the Aire Wharfe League and the Cawthorne Cup of the Dales Council League being staged here, providing wonderful opportunities to showcase our beautiful surroundings and excellent facilities.

The committee is dedicated to improving the club in all aspects but, as ever, we need your continued support to achieve our goals and continue to develop. 

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